Donizetti Video

Donizetti is a new Airone product for the category “Built-in”:

  • Minimal overall dimensions to save space inside the wall cupboard.
  • The size of the front panel allows an optimal suction  of the fumes and vapors generated by the pots placed on the hob front burners
  • Large slide-out front panel in glossy black tempered glass
  • Front panel opening and  closing mechanism very reliable over time with the use of an innovative magnets system
  • Touch control. its position allows an easy control of all the the hood functions
  • Full-length led strip (2700 ° k) for optimal and uniform lighting of the cooking area.
  • Easy access to the anti-grease filters.
  • Presetting for charcoal filters for air recirculation.
  • Dedicated motor with upper and lower exit possibility.

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