Design and Innovation

Creativity and technology for the product.

Image aligned leftInnovation and Design are two concepts that define each Airone product. Each Airone hood is a unique creation that combines creativity and technological innovation.

The main feature of Airone products is, over all, the attention for details and finishing. These are made with high-level art craft techniques and, after several steps and checks, they become an exclusive object, typically "Made in Italy".

Thanks to a continuously in evolution design, carefully finished with many details, Airone has become during years an icon of style and exclusivity.

Security devicesPatented anti-crushing security device that activates with a minimum contact, blocking instantly the motion. These devices are standard for all the Downdraft models (Parsifal, Elektra, Mozart).

Low power consumption LED technologyExtensive use of POWER LED technology, neutral light with over 200 Lumen and 1,2 Watt consumption for each spotlight.

High-efficiency energy motorsWide range of high-efficiency energy motors and low power consumption motors (see Amadeus) absorbing only 90 Watt at the maximum power.

Finishing and detailsExtreme attention to details and finishes executed with high level art craft. Our workers execute all the assembly phases by the "island" working method, permitting in this way a scrupulous, qualitative, aesthetics and working control.

New generation controlsWide range of controls, from Rotary to Soft touch backlit, from Touch to Remote control of modern design.

Many installation possibilitiesFrom the most traditional wall and island hoods, to the most modern vertical wall until the innovating downdraft, hob and ceiling-hoods. Almost the whole collection can be combined with the remote and external motors and can be used as filtering or in suction mode.

Recirculation filtering systemEvery model can be combined with an active carbon filtering system, traditional and Long-life (washable), and the innovating professional cartridge kit (KFCP and KFCPC), long lasting and easy to maintain.