Terms of use

Copyright, Use of the site, Disclaimer


1. Acceptance and amendments to the terms of use.

1.1. The access and use of the website are governed by these Terms of Use. By accessing, browsing and using the site, you state you have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use without any reservations, and to which amendments may be made from time to time.

1.2. If Airone Srl (hereinafter the Owner) decides to amend the Terms of Use, the new version will be uploaded to the website. Consequently, please consult the Terms of Use each time to see any amendments that may have been made.


2. Copyright and intellectual property right

2.1. The contents of the website and in particular, but not limited to, the texts, brands, logos, graphics, photos, videos, page-setting, design, know-how, technology, products and processes are all the property of Airone Srl – and all rights are reserved.

Should the contents be used with the authorisation of the owners, they are protected by copyright, brand and patent right and any other intellectual or industrial property right they may have been granted under current law.

2.2. Barring the provisions of article 3 herein, no elements in the website shall be taken as granting a licence or right to use said elements in the website.


3. Use of the site

3.1. All graphic and text elements in the website (logos, photos, designs, images, texts, signatures, etc.) are protected by copyright.

3.2. The user is authorised to download, present or print the contents of the site exclusively for personal and not commercial use, storing and reproducing all copyright notes or other intellectual property right notes, including those in the downloaded information and material.

Any other use, including the reproduction, representation, alteration, distribution, marketing, partial or total inclusion in other works for public or commercial purposes, transmission or diffusion of the elements in the site, totally or in part and using any means whatsoever, is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent from the owner.

3.3. The publication of all or part of the website is strictly forbidden in any other websites for any reason whatsoever. Without prior written authorisation, hyperlinks shall not be created to any other third-party websites.

3.4. Any illicit use of the contents of the website constitutes a breach of copyright regarding privacy, and of laws and texts of general regulations regarding communications rights.

3.5. The Owner does not guarantee that the use of an element in the website by the User does not damage the rights of any third parties.


4. Disclaimer (disownment of guarantees)

4.1. Without prejudice to the extent of article 5 herein, any material, information and whatever else is available in the website is provided “as it is”, according to its availability and without any form of explicit or implicit guarantee, including about texts that could contain inaccuracies or spelling errors, and said information shall not be considered responsible for damage or loss caused by its use. Consequently, no guarantee is offered regarding the website or the information, elements or materials contained therein.

4.2. The Owner does not guarantee that the website and contents therein respond to the user’s expectations, or that it is interrupted, suitable, secure or devoid of any errors.

Anyone who visits the website has no right to demand damage for any loss, costs, expenses, including legal expenses, caused by or related to the use of the website.

The unavailability for sale of a work or the unavailability of a work shall not be reason to demand damage, loss or damage related to the failed wish or impossibility to produce or sell the work.

4.3. Certain jurisdictions do not recognise some guarantee limitations, and therefore some of the aforesaid exclusions may not apply to you personally.


5. Limits to responsibility

5.1. You access, use and browse the website at your own risk and responsibility.

5.2. To the extent allowed by applicable legislation, you recognize and accept that the Owner and the companies involved in the creation, production or delivery of the site, shall not be held responsible for direct, indirect, fortuitous damage or the repair of any moral damage, costs, loss, reduced sales or profits, or liabilities of any nature (even if the creation of a similar damage was known or could be foreseen by the Owner), that could be derived from the use or, alternatively, the impossibility to use the site and its contents.

5.3. All material that is downloaded or obtained in any other manner while using our sites is entirely at the user’s risk and responsibility. The Owner accepts no responsibility for damage or viruses that could infect your computer or computerized material further to accessing or using the site, or downloading elements from the site, or any illicit occurrences in the computer systems.

5.4. The Owner reserves the right to interrupt or suspend all or part of the site functions. The Owner shall accept no responsibility whatsoever regarding the interruption or suspension of all or part of the site functions further to actions or omissions by the Owner.


6. Changed information

The site contents could contain inaccuracies or errors. The Owner reserves the right to change, correct or improve said contents at any time without prior notice, and will not be held responsible for the results of said actions.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1. These terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between the Owner and User regarding the access and use of the site and its contents. Any other disposition issued by the Owner governing relations with the User regarding a service or purchasing a work refer to the Terms of Use, and should there be a conflict between the terms and the new dispositions, the new dispositions will prevail.

7.2. The fact the Owner tolerates any infringements of any of the obligations envisaged in the Terms of Use, or fails to apply any rights that are granted the Owner by said Terms or Law, shall not be interpreted as a waiver by the Owner to appeal to said rights.

7.3. In the event any of the dispositions in the Terms of Use should be considered illegal by any present or future legal order or regulation, or by an order issued by the judicial authorities, said disposition shall be considered as not written. All the other dispositions in the Terms of Use shall remain compulsory and in force between you and the Owner.

7.4. The titles to the articles in the Terms of Use are purely indicative, and shall not alter or change the terms in any way whatsoever.